Advice for a Powerful New Year

Focus . Transform. Change the world!

Earl Mann

Founder of SYMBOL.

7 Life Lessons that I remind my self at New Years.

 1. Your perfect understanding is always imperfect..proceed with an open mind. 

2. You cannot do it alone..but the best help shows up after you stand up to try. 

3. There is a magical power in yourself. 

4. The value in who you have been is constantly being re-defined but what you are doing now..with the lesson of your past. 

5. Leadership matters.. self-leadership matters most. 

6. Everything changes. 

7. Realize that you are here NOW and celebrate that TEMPORARY fact with your choices; they are creating the story of your life. Find a way to expect a great year!

What and Who you will be..

You are now becoming!

Own this powerful Idea.

Stand for something!

Be the change you need.

Make the day you are waiting for.

Now is always the moment of truth.