Face fears, grow wings!

Face Fears. Grow Wings. Transform and FLY!

We all know what fear feels like.

The uneasiness. The flutter in our gut we call butterflies.

Most people avoid those butterflies,

and they miss and opportunity to transform.

The people that find a way to face them repeatedly, become the people that we admire, the people on the posters that are on our children walls , the people we measure ourselves against.

When people learn to chase their Butterflies they grow their own wings.

Those among us that chase the fragile wings of their Butterflies:

Grow their own wings like Eagles and lead us.

Grow their own wings like wise Owls and teach us.

Grow their own wings like Hawks and protect us.

Grow their own wings like Doves and teach us of Peace.

Grow their wings like Angels and become blessings to others.

Chasing the fragile wings of our Butterflies might be our most powerful moment!

Bat Wings ...A different way to look at fear.

Symbol founder, has a little fun, as his alter ego  the Dark Knight , as he shares a different way to look at fears.

Having Purpose gives us power to face our fears.

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