An Interview for Greatness

The Interview to Greatness

I imagine the interview to Greatness...

Sit down. You’re late. What took you so long?

Before you give me your resume, let me tell you what we’re interested in ... to save us both some time.

First of all, we’re not interested at all in where you come from. Tell us about where you’re going, and give us the details so we know that you’ve been there over and over and over again in your mind.

I don’t care about your degrees; tell me about your education. What have you taken from this life that you can apply? And how will that affect your future?

Tell me about your family, not the one you were born into, but the one that you’ve chosen, and now call friends. And tell me why you added them to your family and what difference you make in their world.

I don’t care how you look because one ugly action can make me blind to the outside of you.

I don’t care how much money you have, tell me about how much value you can create.

Tell me about love. Make me understand that concept. Don’t tell me about your broken heart, instead tell me about your beating heart and the possibility that creates.

To fully achieve greatness is to have almost everything that you want, but it will cost you much of what you currently have.

We’re only willing to make you two promises. First, the path to Greatness will not be easy. Nothing worth it ever is. Anything worth having is reserved for the few people who are willing to do what is necessary to obtain it. Second, we offer you this. Every one of us, and all who have gone before us, and every great thing that we have created, and every great thought that we have ever had, will be put on the line for you to guarantee to you one thing: that greatness will be worth it.

Now, let us begin. Tell me, what is greatness to you?

A message from the Founder.

"What you will be!"