Scales of Life

The Scales of Life...

  Earl Mann

Founder, Symbol Althletica.

Scales can be the tools we use to measure changes, as our plans and life continue to unfold.

Scales can be the classification and definition of vibration, sound , music.

Scales can be the gift from nature, the thick skin that helps to defend us from the harshness of an environment that we can not escape.

Scales can be something we stand on reflecting the weight in this world that we carry.

We we stand for something we use all of these to Scale the walls of resistance between who we are and who we can become. We are able to measure and understand the direction and rate of our progress. We are able to dance in the troubled waters of challenges, and the weight we carry does not hold us down...but lifts us up; with the magical energy from having such a meaningful life!

What do you Stand for?

It's a simple but powerful question for those that decided to have and answer, we have a brand!

Stand for Something!

It is the greatest source of human power.