The Avoided Place - A Beautiful More

The Avoided Place -

A Beautiful More.

You know the place.

The place we act like we don't see as we rush to keep our place in line.

The place that makes us uneasy.

The place that looks like its meant for other people...not us.

The place that whispers at you like a ghost,telling you the truth that you don't want to hear.

The truth, that there is more.

For on the other side of discomfort, there is "A Beautiful More!"

So, yeah.....You know the place.

The early morning road, the ally, the gym, the class, the training.

The place where the work on you is done.

The place where the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

The place where the price is paid!

When you stop believing in yourself, you will stop seeing these places, as plentiful as they are; and the "BEAUTIFUL MORE" will be but a dream.

I hope that you DECIDE to know this place...and claim your Beautiful More!

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The Brand of the Purpose Driven.

Message from the Founder.

We train for more than a six pack.

For more than than moving the weight on a scale!